INCOR provides several different vocational services. They include Job Coaching, Community, Center Base, Sheltered Workshop, and Community Integrated Employment.

Job Coaching and Community Integrated Employment (CIE) services provide onsite trained staff to assist with a paid job in the community that is tailored to the abilities, needs and interests of the individual so they may become as independent as possible. As the individual becomes self-sufficient on the job, the need for a Job Coach will gradually fade.

Community services provide onsite trained staff to assist individuals in integrating into the community. Some individuals need assistance to help them cope with being in crowds or around loud noises. Individuals may also volunteer at various sites to develop employment skills to prepare them for paid employment.

Center Base and Sheltered Workshop services provide assembly-type work that is paid at a piece rate according to the Department of Labor regulations. Individuals are also trained in attendance, work ethic, and any other task they may need to gain employment in the community.