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In Order to Work for INCOR, You Must Have the Following: These Are Mandatory Before Hire!

Do You Have a Valid Drivers License?(Required)
Clean, Reliable Transportation? Some Positions Will Require You to Transport Individuals Around the Community.(Required)
Current Auto Insurance?(Required)
You May Be Required to Lift Up to 40lbs, as Well as Bending, Twisting, Stooping, and Walking. Can You Perform These Activities Without Assistance?(Required)
Are You Eligible for Work in the US?(Required)
High School Diploma or GED?(Required)

We Are Required to Check Criminal Records, References, and Abuse and Neglect Registry Before Hiring.

If There is Anything on Your Background, Do You Have a Disposition for Said Conviction? a Copy Will Be Required Before You Can Be Put to Work.(Required)
Would You Be Willing to Take a Drug Test as a Condition of Employment?(Required)
Have You Ever Served or Currently Serve in the Military?(Required)
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Are You Capable of Using Technology Such as a Tablet or Computer to Clock in/out and Complete Documentation?(Required)
Do You Have Experience Working With People With Disabilities?(Required)
Have You Worked With an Individual Who Could Get Physically Aggressive (Hits, Bites, Scratches, Etc)?(Required)

On a Scale of 1 to 5, One Being Very Comfortable and Five Being Unwilling or Unable to Do It, Rank Yourself on the Following Tasks.

Cook Healthy Meals(Required)
House Cleaning(Required)
Bathing Clients(Required)
Changing Briefs(Required)
Providing Other Total Care Activities (May Include Tube Feeding, Colostomy Care, Etc.)(Required)
If Offered a Position, Would You Be Willing to Provide Identification of Your Sex, and Ethnicity/Racial Group and/or Disability So That We Can Monitor the Effectiveness of Our EEOC Program? Providing the Information Will Not Affect Your Employment Application.(Required)
As a Condition of Employment for a Safety-sensitive Position, I May Be Required to Undergo a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Screening Test Prior to Appointment and I Must Meet Background and Medical Standards as Well.(Required)
I Also Understand That This Application, Supplements and Attachments Become the Property of INCOR, Personnel Department. No Copies of These Documents Shall Be Made Available to or Provided to Me Until the Entire Examination is Complete.(Required)
I Certify That All Statements on This Application and Attachments Are True and Complete to the Best of My Knowledge. I Understand That False, Misleading or Incomplete Information Shall Be Sufficient Cause for Disqualification or Dismissal and Other Penalties as May Be Prescribed by Law.(Required)
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